Adopt a Book

Adopt a Book

Care for the world's knowledge. By adopting a book, you directly support our conservation work.

Adopt a Book now 

Adopt your favourite book and help care for a million others

Conservation is critical to preserve our collection for everyone, now and in the future. Every year our conservators treat over 1,500 items. Books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, stamps and works of art all receive our care. By adopting a book today, your donation directly supports their work and helps us keep these items free and accessible to everyone, for research, inspiration and enjoyment.   

Adopt a Book at £40 and:

Choose from a range of well-loved titles

Download a personalised Adopt a Book e-certificate and email it to your giftee.

Receive a delightful book-jacket gift card as a keepsake or to send to your giftee.

How to Adopt a Book...

Simply choose your book and complete the online form, including your donation of £40.

Make a lasting contribution to our conservation work with a bespoke adoption of £1000...

Remember a loved one or celebrate a special occasion with a bespoke adoption of £1000 or more. A bespoke adoption allows you to choose your preferred title from across our entire collection. If you Adopt a Book at this level, you will receive:

  • Adopt a Book from a choice of titles from across our collection
  • A personalised certificate sent in the post
  • A customised bookplate placed inside the conservation box which houses your item, for the lifetime of the box
  • A special tour of our Conservation Centre
  • A tour for two of the British Library
  • Acknowledgment in our Annual Report and Adopt a Book Donors’ Board in the Conservation Centre.

To make a bespoke adoption contact the development team who can help with ideas at  T +44 (0)20 7412 7301 or

Our collection is extensive and covers: Art and Architecture, Business, Finance and Law, Children's Books, Food and Drink, Gardening, Geography, History and Politics, Literature, Music and Dance, Natural History, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Medicine, Sports and Pastimes. 

All funds raised are used to support the work of our conservators (at the discretion of the Library). Donations only support conservation of a particular item where this has been agreed.