Giving from the US

Our collection is truly global and we want to share it as widely as possible, inspiring everyone across the world.

Founded in 1979, the American Trust for the British Library supports us to open up a world of ideas - expand our digital reach, create powerful and thought-provoking exhibitions and conserve our collection for future generations.

If you are a US tax payer, you can support our work to open up the world of opportunities in our collection by making a tax-deductible gift to The American Trust for the British Library (ATBL), a registered 501(c)(3) organisation. 

 Recent grants from the American Trust for the British Library have supported:

  • Digitising our collection of Middle English Manuscripts, making them available for generations around the world to access for research and enjoyment.
  • The creation of Discovering Sacred Texts – a new, free online learning resource which invites visitors to explore the world’s major faith groups through our extensive collection of sacred texts.
  • The acquisition of culturally significant items including the 15th century Lucas Psalter, a beautifully illuminated manuscript with paintings from one of the most influential artists of the late Middle Ages.

Members of the ATBL enjoy getting to know the Library personally through an active social program that includes the popular Chairman’s Council annual trip to the Library and other cultural organisations in the UK, exclusive webinars with our expert curators and a wide range of regular events hosted in the US. 

How to contact the ATBL:

If you’d like to find out more about joining the ATBL, please contact the Trust's Executive Director:

Elizabeth Berkowitz, Executive Director

5030 Broadway, Suite 678, 

New York, NY 10034 USA


 T: +1 (631) 2392668

The British Library has ED Certified Status from NGOsource, meaning we are equivalent to a Certified US Public Charity and allowing US grant makers to support the Library directly.