Learning through exhibitions and events

Our exhibitions allow us to showcase some of the Library’s most impressive items from our collections.

Created to child using interactive book displayengage and inspire everyone, the exhibitions also offer students and teachers a programme of workshops and events to deepen knowledge.

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Alongside the exhibition we offer a learning programme aimed at teachers, projects for pupils at risk of exclusion and many family events and activities.

Workshops programme

Library workshops support and enrich the curriculum and help young people develop skills in visual literacy, critical thinking, source-based learning and research. These range from hands-on, creative sessions for primary schoolchildren to 'A' level study days led with talks from expert curators.

'Young Researchers'

Our special educational projects offer a number of young people at risk of exclusion from school the chance to explore our collection first-hand. Participants are encouraged to conduct research, take part in discussions and meet the experts. The sessions help build young people’s confidence and support and develop their knowledge and skills outside of the formal learning environment.

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Online tools for teachers

In support of each exhibition, we offer innovative and interactive web tools to offer a deeper knowledge of the exhibition theme. The resources combine access to unique collection items, inspiration for critical thinking and lesson plans for teachers.


Ian Gunter, Bouygues UK main photo

The Magnificent Maps workshops made a huge difference to the way children and young people understand the influence that maps have in shaping the world, and provided an excellent supplement to this fascinating exhibition. This was a great schools programme from the British Library and we were really pleased to support something that inspires education and learning in such innovative ways.

Ian Gunter, Bouygues UK
Roger Walshe

The Harry M Weinrebe Learning Centre enables us to provide a much richer learning experience – particularly in relation to digital research skills.

Roger Walshe, Head of Public Engagement and Learning

Support our programme

Your gift will help us create further learning programmes for forthcoming exhibitions, bringing the wonders of the Library to many more students to inspire them to make their own discoveries.