Fund for Knowledge

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Growing our collection for the future. 

Thanks to your support and the matched funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund,we have successfully raised over £2 million towards our 'Fund for Knowledge' endowment fund. This means that we will be able to protect and preserve more of the nation's heritage for years to come. 

How we'll use this money:

Our 'Fund for Knowledge' is an endowment fund, so we will continue to grow it, to make more available for the future. Your gift to the 'Fund for Knowledge' will continue to have an impact many decades after it is given and will support: 

  • Acquiring rare or significant items for our extraordinary collections
  • Training for the next generation of conservators
  • Increasing the reach of our vibrant and challenging public events
  • Creating learning tools to encourage discovery in learners of all ages
  • Opening up access to our vast collections

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported us by making a donation towards our 'Fund for Knowledge', together we are investing in the future of our heritage. 

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