Friends of the British Library

With over 3,000 Friends, the Friends of the British Library is a registered charity (no. 328095) made up of faithful supporters. Founded in 1989, we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2014. Our Anniversary Booklet details some of the grants made over the years.

From their resources, the Friends made regular grants to the Library for acquisitions, exhibitions, new equipment and facilities, and activities. As of 19 March 2018, the Friends have voted to become part of the British Library's Membership Scheme. We are no longer accepting new Friends, or allowing anyone to convert to a Life Friendship. However, if your subscription runs out before the end of March, you may still renew; please email for information.

As of 01 April 2018, all current Friends have been converted to Members. Any queries about your Membership should be directed to

Legacies can still be left to the FBL, as well as donations, for the foreseeable future.

Friends of the British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB


Please do not send credit card numbers by email.


If you are interested in leaving a Legacy to the Friends of the British Library, please see the information here with details on wording and other useful information.


The Friends are run by a Council, which meets quarterly. Elections are done via the annual AGM. The current Annual Report can be found here, and past copies are available on request. 

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The Friends of the British Library is registered charity no. 328095